Karsanikos Winery

Karsanikos Wine represents the involvement of three generations of the family with the grapes and wine in a journey through time that began about a century ago.


Discover The Process of wine Making

From strictly selected grapes that are cultivated with special care in the privately owned semi-mountainous dry vineyards and following the modern way of vinification, are produced the unique quality wines of “Karsanikos”.

The experience of three generations

Modern machinery

Our Wine Collection

All stages of the winemaking are carried out exclusively by the members of the Rekatsina’s family. The experience of three generations in the grapes and in the wine production, together with the know-how of experienced oenologists and the opinion of the friends of the good wine is attributed to the quality that someone will find in Karsanikos wines.

Tasting & Tours

Karsanikos Winery is open to the public in order to experience a unique tour to the winery and taste our wines.

Tasting notes

Discover the taste from the unique grapes of our island


Not only learn about our wine but see the tradition of Karya Lefkada

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Karya, Lefkada, Greece