The Vineyards

The dry (non-irrigated) vineyards of the winery are cultivating in a way which is providing for an organic crop of the vines (using manure and plant residues).


Mostly located in mountainous areas and specifically at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level.


Over the centuries, the sloping slopes have been formed to terraces made out of stones (xerolithies).

Αs a result the small acre production of grapes (400-500 kg per acre) because of the soil drying which significantly increase the quality of the produced wines.

The cultivation of vineyards in the dry terraces (xerolithies) is one of the peculiarities of Lefkada’s grape varieties (vertzami, bardea, chloros, perachoritiko, lagorthi, etc.).

This peculiarity will come and place the unknown Lefkada’s wines on the podium, competing with the most famous varieties of wines around Greece and the world, having to envy just the huge production and the reputation of them.

The viticulture was one of the main occupations of at least three generations of the family. Today, the youngest generation continues taking care of the vineyards with similar methods as in the past but also using the appropriate know-how of nowadays, focusing to the best supplies for the wine production.