Karsanikos Vertzami

The dry red wine “Karsanikos Vertzami” is produced from the famous red variety of Lefkada island, “Vertzami”.

The process

The vinification of this blessed variety in a modern way and the aging of the wine for some months in selected oak barrels gives a unique feast of aromas and flavors at dry red wine. Every year, only 2,500 bottles of 750 ml are bottled, which continue to be aged in the appropriate natural environment of the winery’s basement for a period of 1-2 years.


Every time a bottle of “Karsanikos Vertzami” is being opened, pleasantly surprises the winegrowers and wine lovers by discovering, appreciating and enjoying the combination of a tannic red wine and its rich body full of quality.


The explosive wine nose emits eucalyptus and cedar notes, framed and reinforced by black berries and oak shades. The mouth is dominated by mature tannins, high acidity and intense and long aftertaste.