The Winemaking

From strictly selected grapes that are cultivated with special care in the privately owned semi-mountainous dry vineyards and following the modern way of vinification, are produced the unique quality wines of “Karsanikos”.

The process

The winery is fully equipped with modern machinery which are required (refrigeration machine, tanks and other machines made of stainless steel (inox)) to start and complete the winemaking of the wine without any effect to the final product. Placing these machines in a traditional building made out of stone in the mountainous Lefkada keeps the interior temperature stable in relation to the outside (lower in the summer months) throughout the day and the year in a natural way.


The proper management of the equipment is not taken for granted. From crushing the grapes and separating the must to stabilizing and filtering the wine, special interest and love for the good wine is required, without valuing any costs or sacrifices that may arise along the way.

The Family

All stages of the winemaking are carried out exclusively by the members of the Rekatsina’s family. The experience of three generations in the grapes and in the wine production, together with the know-how of experienced oenologists and the opinion of the friends of the good wine is attributed to the quality that someone will find in Karsanikos wines.